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Clift Industries provides natural cleaning products that are safe and effective for industrial and home applications.
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All-Natural Cleaning Products & Technologies For A Clean Environment

For more than twenty years, Clift Industries Inc has been dedicated to providing natural cleaning products that are safe and effective not only for industrial applications and contractors, but for homeowners as well.  We have taken great care to identify and utilize technologies that produce results while also helping to protect our most precious resource – the environment.


In the past, “green” products were safer or less toxic, but did not meet the expectations of users compared to traditional brands. Times have changed! Advances in cleaning technologies are now able to reach and surpass users’ expectations. We invite you to browse our website for a complete list of product solutions designed for commercial cleaning tasks.


Cutting-edge bioremediation technology for hard surfaces, groundwater, open water and soil applications.

biorem sized

100% all natural household cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and get the job done.

pure earth sized

Green cleaning solutions that do the job well and exceed traditional natural products.

beyond green sized

Spill management solutions that neutralize common chemicals and are easy to apply.

spill eater sized

Battery maintenance that complies with OSHA regulations and reduces disposal costs.

acid eater sized

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