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Acid Eater products are a collection of environmentally-safe battery maintenance and battery safety products. Acid Eater products provide state-of-the-art battery maintenance permitting a safe workplace while complying with OSHA regulations and reducing disposal costs. Please explore the various Acid Eater products and solutions which can be provided for your facility.

Neutralizer & Degreaser

Acid Eater-brand Neutralizer & Degreaser neutralizes and degreases even the toughest deposits on motive power batteries and equipment. It also helps to extend the life of the batteries and material handling equipment. It can be used to neutralize and clean everything from rollers, stands, forklifts, under battery racks to the concrete floors in battery rooms. It’s safe to use on metal, plastic, and rubber.

Our Neutralizer & Degreaser is biodegradable, non-corrosive, and environmentally safe. The pH color indicators alert users of acidic corrosion. It is compliant with OSHA Regulation 1917.157(g).

Absorber & Neutralizer

Acid Eater-brand Absorber & Neutralizer contains, absorbs and neutralizes hazardous acid spills in a safe and cost-effective manner. Its pellet formula absorbs more and requires less clean up while not creating hazardous dust clouds or leaving residues .

Per OSHA Regulation 1910.178(g), facilities must have means to neutralize spilled acid. This product does just that, helping you to maintain OSHA compliance. It also reduces disposal costs and safety concerns because it is land-fill disposable. It is biodegradable, environmentally safe and non-hazardous as well.

Battery Cleaning & Neutralizing Wipes

Acid Eater Battery Cleaning & Neutralizing Wipes bring the power of our Neutralizer & Degreaser in a quick and easy to use wipe. Made with small quick clean-ups in mind, these wipes neutralize acid corrosion, change color in the presence of acid, and are safe to use on metal, plastic, and rubber.

Quick Response Acid Spill Kits

Our Quick Response Acid Spill Kits help to contain, absorb, and neutralize acid and acidic spills. Each one includes all necessary personal protection equipment and material to safely neutralize and dispose of acid spills. They provide a convenient, cost-effective method of complying with OSHA regulations. They are also fast, easy to use, and land-fill disposable. These multi-colored spill kits make quick and easy recognition possible.