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Beyond Green Cleaning® products use new technologies delivered with natural ingredients that will surpass your cleaning expectations.
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“Green” has been over-used and misused to the point it does not mean much anymore. In the past, “green” meant less toxic, less effective and more expensive. “Green” products did not meet the expectations of the user from a price or performance standpoint. Times have changed and the Beyond Green Cleaning® products use new technologies delivered with natural ingredients that surpass the user’s cleaning expectations. The Beyond Green Cleaning® products outperform conventional products with a comparable per use cost. Please explore the various Beyond Green Cleaning® products and the solutions they can provide for your organization.


The food service industry is bustling with the idea of “green cleaning.” As the earth’s resources are diminishing and rising costs continue to squeeze profits, implementing environmentally-preferred practices has become a smart business strategy. Diners want to patronize establishments that demonstrate environmental responsibility. The amount of toxic chemicals used in food service makes it one of the least sustainable industries. Naturally, business owners who recognize this growing demand are making the smart switch to green cleaners.

While customers love to eat out, they are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. According to a 2008 National Restaurant Association survey, 62% of diners say they prefer to eat at an environmentally- conscious restaurant. A recent consumer survey revealed that cleanliness has jumped to No. 2 on the list of reasons for returning to a restaurant. Going green will save you money, increase your customer loyalty and reputation in the community. The cost of becoming a green restaurant is far less than the cost of losing new and existing customers. Your customers care, so should you. Available through US Foodservice, SYSCO and other fine foodservice distributors.


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